SCHOOL YEAR 2009/2010

I. Water in Language and Literature. Poetry, stories and essays related to water.
II. Water as “The water as a symbol of creation” Contest of drawings and paintings.
III. Traditions and rituals related to water.
IV. Water in Science. Composition and properties, chemical experiment about water’s quality
V. Water’s cycle in Nature.
VI. Water as a source of inspiration in Art.
VII. Exploitation of the water’s resources. Photo workshop.
VIII. Water Celebration Event. Enjoying with music and drama “Sources of water performing”.
IX. Comenius exhibition of drawings, photos, products and leaflets made by all the partnership schools -national and international- in this year 2009-2010

SCHOOL YEAR 2010/2011

I. Formal letter of intention addressed to the Water Authorities about procteting water and explaining our Comenius Project.
II. Water as a source of inspiration in Art.
III.Water as a source of life.
IV. Water: way of therapy and relaxing. Water Sports.
V. Photo experience about water and light.
VI. Water´s saving.
VII.Water pollution and measures to protect water.
VIII.Green Constitution: “Be water´s friend, not its enemy”
IX. A travel through music and plays about water.